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Book of the Week#3 - Mad About Superheroes 2.5

This week I pulled a classic book from my library and our childhood memories.This is a hardcover is a 208 page book in its third revision covering the late 90's - 2000's of Mad Magazine's take on Superheroes in Cinema.

Mad about Super Heroes collects work of over 30 writers and illustrators that have done countless hours of parodies and caricatures of movies such as: X-Men, Batman, Superman, The Watchmen and more...Hilarious writing and beautiful hand painted/illustrated works in: pencil, pens, gouache and acrylic fill the pages from the pens and quills of artists: Glenn Fabry, Al Jaffee, Gary Hallgren, Jeff Kruse, Matt Milla, Tom Richmond, Sergio Aragones, etc...

With guest takes on Mad Heroes done by the Legends: Jim Lee, Mike Mignola,Chris Bachelor, Kevin Nolan, Humberto Ramos....

Personally Ive always loved the look of watercolor and gouache with they Oil painters touch that you can see in the examples below with "Constantine", As a source of reference for "Painting Plains" on a face to bring out the structure to the exaggeration of caricatures that show the power of key note elements to focus on your favorite celebrity, this book is a must have.

Enjoy some of the panels form the inside and grab your copy today to add to your collection!

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