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Phoenix Fan Fusion w/ Geeksterink Legends

This past month I was fortunate to hit the road and travel to Phoenix, Arizona and hit the Phoenix Fan Fusion Comic-con. Its been a while since I had heard about the group that travels to the cons and tattoos everyone and everything nerd

and I have to say, Hot Damn, what a great group and family.

I went with intentions of just having a great time being submerged into the culture that has inspired myself to become who I am today and what I got out of it was a whole experience as well as family.

The cosplayers, attendees and vendors galore were amazingly friendly as well as surprised to see live tattooing at the event since It was in fact the first year for the group to attend this con. People of all ages and backgrounds came to see what the hub-bub was about and from a personal point of view it did not disappoint.

The GeeksterInk Legends are a family of artists and organizers that range from all corners of the World, gathering the best mesh of Nerd and Novelty with pure talent and good times. Personally I don't go out of my way to jerk off anyone but I admit that it was refereshing to be in an environment that had artist that were solid as humans as they were artists, through and through who love the content as much as the clients. It creates a nostalgic and warm feeling around when you're able to bring to life someones ideas and love into a tattoo that is just as exciting for the artists themselves.

After the whole experience I can not wait to attend more cons and am happy to say that I was accepted as a newer member of the team, there are many things that I have done in my life but I have to say the chance to go and take art and nerd in one on the road with a solid team like the GeeksterInk Legends is truly something I hope to share with you, on the road at your next local con.

Huge shout out to Josh Bodwell for the support into getting into the group and also to Brandon, Lucky, Brittany, Eddie V, Ray, Chris and more for the great laughs, art & hospitality.

Here are some photos from the con you can use for your reference to paint and sketch. if you have a painting or sketch that you can finish by the 22nd of June Ill take one contestant and send them a free mystery Art Book with in the US.

Hashtag #BrushesofDoom and I will pick a winner on the 22nd of June, 2019

Also do not forget to check out to see more tour dates as well as the BrushesofDoom Vidcast section to see the recap video that shows you the con and artists in action!

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