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Cristian Kasas Seminar 2019

This past week I was asked to hit the road and sit down with one of the most influential heads in Neo-Traditional in the industry for the past two years as well as one of the most leveled headed artists in the Tattoo world right now.

Cristian Kasas

Ive seen, Cristian come up from being a travel artist trying to find his way to a international heavy hitter and I can say the time I had spent with him speaking/ watching him tattoo taught me a few things I thought were great to share with you

We were discussing the importance of learning how to become your own artist, person and individual. Although you would think that could fit all in one, Cristian, clarified that we as people some time need to realize what are you looking to achieve as individuals? are you looking at being good at your craft or great?

Neither is wrong or right but that does help set a path for those, like myself who see doors of opportunity and desire to take on the world head first sometimes. Where as some other like to sit in their place and focus on their part of the time and of the world.

If you are one of those persons and thrust in the the opposite of your ambitions it can leave you feeling stagnate or overwhelmed, which sometimes can stifle your creative process.

The person building comes in the form of do you have a balance with work and personal life? is there a difference? can you name the things that help you separate and reestablish your grounding. A lot of times it comes in the form of being honest with your self, and goddamn let me tell you, Cristian is one honest son of a bitch when it comes to critique and learning.

Its actually very invigorating, Learning the difference of setting and improvement.

Seeing some tattoos and pieces of art, Cristian pointed out the importance of keeping your standards consistent no matter where you are. Being around some of the best competitors, artists and designers in the game, you don't get to settle for mediocre so when you find yourself around others that may still be learning or clients who give you the " you do what you want, you're the artist, I don't care" schtick,

Dont, Get, Lazy.

Your work, is a reflection of yourself, drive and work ethic, when surrounded around others at a convention or just in your shop have a healthy and humble competitive nature even if its just with yourself to know you're always on your feet.

Being around higher standards in your profession either make you want to push harder or find your own path, so there is no right or wrong way to go depending on your personal endeavors but spending time around those who have the drives that mirror my own have pushed me harder and harder than I could have gotten on my own.

If you're in a rut, get up and get out there to find your next reasons to push forward.

Thanks again to Cristian, for having me as well as Juan from Exclusive Ink and owner of Ink at the Bay Tattoo Festival

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