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BODP #17 Whats your Motive?

This past week we were lucky to hit the road and sit with the people behind Motive Art Company. The Dynamic Duo named Hella and Inksav are two gentlemen out of South Bay San Jose CA, where they push together the passion behind their business that show cases their admiration for art and the artists that do it.

A young company, they both started as collectors and admirers of art, tattoos and more eventually coming together to show case some of the finest artist the inter web has to offer. They showcase themselves via Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and other forms of social media that bring together all types of styles and backgrounds to the forefront of you the viewers. " There is a Motive behind the Art and that always was something that I liked and wanted to showcase, fittingly enough the name Motive Art Co." said Hella, "We look at some of the people that influenced us everyday to see something new, different and fresh and wanted to help push those people in a time when art is suffering in schools and society.

Starting out with the social media they have grown to sponsor and hit the convention circuit where they are bringing artists in from all walks of life in the tattoo community together to tattoo as well as show case their talents with no ties. " Many pages out there like to be exclusive or make you pay for your shout outs, and we will never do that, art shouldn't be something you charge for just to get a like or a repost. It should help the artists not take away" Stated by Inksav.

Two humble and honest guys that legitimately care about art and the artists behind it who have not only a great pull on the net but a great perspective on sharing that admiration with the world.

to check out more make sure to listen to the full Podcast for FREE and dont forget to check them out at

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