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BODP#13 Out of Step Books

This past week we got back on the road and headed to Riverside CA, where we met up with Out of Step Books. Known not only for their art collective styled books but their ability to bring artists from all over the world together and network through a series of contests, social media posts and lastly printed and published books. We were a bit overwhelmed to meet them in person and be lucky enough to sit down to share some time.

Upon arrival at the location in Riverside we pulled up to a beautiful home where we were greeted by an amazingly welcoming family; Jinxi & Steven Caddel and their three children whom all were very, in our opinion “Rad!”. Jinxi & Steve are the owners and main operators of Out Of Step Books, showing us around they gave us a look into their home, workings of how their books are set up, laid out and a bit about distribution. Starting off with their first book “Eight Arms of Inspiration”, A book based on the artwork collected from all around the world using Octopus and Octo-style art. Then proceeding to a few other books such as Antennae of Inspiration, Feathers of Inspiration, Diabolico and more.

(Video courtesy of Mike Devires Tattoo Website)

Upon asking how the name Out of Step came about Jinxi spoke saying, “ Steve and I both grew up in the Punk Rock, Skating, Art scene back in the day, influenced by such magazines as Juxtapoz. So there is a record by Minor threat named “”Out of Step””, which we liked because it reflected how we as a company and our taste for art wasn't like what most people were doing, and it just kinda fit” Out of Step is on the ball when it comes to how they handle their books as well as business when it comes to networking this day in age. Their books are extremely diverse, covering every style of art from traditional to photorealism, surrealism, etc.. but the unique thing is that they allow anyone to submit and have a shot at sharing their work with the world.

Which brings up the way they handle the company. If more businesses/artists were to be as honestly whole hearted and diligent as they are with every single person who they come across, the amount of the support would be exponential amongst everyone.

Jinx and Steve both have put together a scholarship as well as are avid supporters in helping over 141 schools to bring art back to the classrooms and are now working on expanding their scholarship program to twice a year to help two aspiring artists whom submit a bit about themselves and their art. On top of adding more books to their line they have started a kids book series they hope to continue with their first one written by Jinxi herself named, “Start Looking Up”.

Out of Step Books encourages anyone who is willing to submit a piece of art for their on going themes and projects, to do so via their website and Instagram. They also made clear that they could never get anything done with what they do with out the help of their family, team and more importantly you all, the artists and creators that help them, drive them and push them to keep creating a platform that helps artists not only network but pull from each other to grow.

On a personal note it was not only amazingly inspiring but humbling to have met and chatted with two people who don't just have love for what they do and each other but had a passion for it.

To contact or check out any of their amazing books, merch and art supplies you can click the Links below. Also we here at BrushesofDoom are now proud supporters of OOSB where you can check out a few of their books in our Merch Section where you will directed to their site as well! Please email and get in contact with them for any inquiries on their projects, upcoming books and contests. And don't forget to checkout their Interview underneath our Vidcast section. website:

Instagram: outofstepbooks

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