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BODPodcast #1 - Steven "The Stud" Castro


(bodp#1 - Click for Podcast) This past week I was very lucky to have a guest and great old friend stop by to sit down and chat about the life and techniques of a tradtional-esq logo artist. @stevenhenry (via instagram) is a very proud strong man that holds his pencils & pens as close to himself as he does his faith. A local bred artist, steven has been very fond and driven by the styles of traditional tattoo flash. Encorparating heavy blacks, subtle open negative spacing and thick lines steven brings the words "simple and clean", very clean we might add. He does commisions for bands selling his artwork for merch such as: Album Covers T-shirts & Hoodies Stickers banners, etc...

If youd like to contact steven to see his artwork or ask about commisions/ technique advice Please contact him through instagram @StevenHenry

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