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BODP#18- Big Trouble Rittle China (recap)

A small recap from the podcast of This mid septembers las vegas tattoo convention.

(links for podcast at bottom)

Motive Art Company allowed a few artists to go Las Vegas Tattoo Convention to attened the Intenze Art Academy currated by Billy Murran.

The attendees were from all over the globe versitile in various styles of painting, tattooing and art. Day one and two were taken over by the Master painters David Kassan, Shawn Barber & Micheal Hussar

Micheal Hussar is a reknown painter for his styles in all things dark and beautiful, the Guirellmo Del torro of painting so to speak to help those who've never heard of his outstanding work.

Shawn Barber is a well known and gifted master of painting who also happens to tattoo in Los Angeles CA (West Hollywood) in his spare time. Barber has always had a way of brining his subjets to life through movement caught in a single painting.

David Kassan would be the quiet storm that brings ecletic techinques of traditional oil painting together with hyper rylism. As seen in his recent DVD that came out in 2014 along with the protoype of his Parellel Pallete he brings the tones and touch to life with each stroke with his talents.

For hear the tattoo portion as well as recaps from the artists there Download the podcast Located right here for free!


for ios - Click here

For Andriod - Click here

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