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BODP#14 Matt Hurtado & Jamie Schene

This past week on our road trip we headed out to Hesperia CA to visit the renowned Black Anchor Collective. Upon arriving to the location it resembled a bit of our home here in Central CA with its small town vibe. Upon walking in to the Collective you could get the same small town feel from the crew and shop itself but with nothing small about its appearance and outstanding work. Everyone was very welcoming and family oriented when we came in, cracking jokes and genuinely enjoying each others company which not only showed through their friendship but their artwork and tattoos as well.

Jamie and Matt showed us around the collective to meet the artists, see their stations, where we saw some amazing art and client pieces being done. Then proceeded to take us down to their amazing gallery seeing a few masterpieces that all in house artists as well as friends have put their heart in soul to on canvas & board.

After chatting a bit, Mat and Jamie had talked about how it was to travel and see some of the art done in Europe and most recently Vienna. That to go there and see the masters work after all these years only makes you want to try harder as well as expand the perimeters of art.

Tying in the statement of how close knit the collective is with each other, it reflects not only in their attitudes but their work as well, Jamie stated, “Ive worked in shops before where you just don't really think of it as something you love because it feels to much like a job, being around others you have to work around rather than you want to. Compared to here where we care about what happens to each others, their families and personal issues. Which also comes full circle to the amount of honesty we put into each other and our work, some times we work on something and give each other advice on working more on this or that but in the end we take what we know and use it help us all grow.”

Matt put in his two cents stating, “ its really interesting to see how you learn from just one or two people you admire and then apply that knowledge, to use it, and let it grow to see the progression not only your art but yourself”. Matt shared his stories about working with artists such as Michael Hussar and Shawn Barber, observing their techniques and always knowing that every stroke or thing they do in their paintings is like a calculated and intentional move. “They know what they are doing ahead of time and know where they want to go, you don’t just see the painting, you feel it”

After Showing us around and sharing some pizza, the guys nerded out over art, movie references and some more stories about working with artists, travels and their own personal art. In most our travels we meet a lot of artists who are talented, some who are humble and others who are well rounded. It was safe to say that these two were jack of all trades. Extremely passionate about not only what they do and how they do it but to also never forgetting where they came from. Pushing harder to improve on themselves as well as their art & tattoos to come.

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and to see more about Matt, Jamie and the rest of the Black Anchor Family visit them at

Instagram: @Mathurtado


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