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Featured Artist: Adam Padilla


BD- Hey there Adam, How are you doing?

AP- Hello, thanks for having me. everything is great, I'm focused, and excited to push forward.

BD- Nice, Do you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

AP- Sure, My name is Adam Padilla, born in Albuquerque, NM I'm 42 years old. I am a full time artist working in various mediums, and subject matter, based off of Pop culture icons.

BD- . How did art start in your life? I see you (did) do both tattoos and traditional art such as sketching and paintings, which are breath taking by the way.

AP- I have done art in various forms since I can remember. drawing Conan in grade school, Hot rods, women's faces, I picked it up from my mother who was always creating something artistic. I have been at it ever since, using airbrush, Pin-striping, pen/ink, acrylics, oils, sculpting, watercolor, and tattooing.

8x10 marilyn monroe.jpg

BD- When did tattooing come in?

AP- I begin tattooing almost 20 years ago, just another medium that I wanted to explore. this was before Commercial tattooing took over. An old school outlook, and respect for the trade. there are some amazing tattooers doing amazing work these days. I painted, and illustrated throughout this career, but I recently backed away from it. I needed to focus on my own art/ideas 100%.

BD-You have a unique style that involves, the styles of traditional portraits but with a simple almost stencil look to it. What brought that on?

AP- My Style has developed from all the different techniques from my past. I use a form of pinstriping when I outline Women. working in thin transparent layers of acrylic like watercolor or airbrush. and the "Bold will hold" tattooing technique of heavy contrast, and dark supportive areas. It all just sort of happens. working almost as a transparency, I let the background colors/shapes tell a story of their own.

8x10 Dita Von Teese.jpg

BD- Being a Fellow nerd its obvious to see how much Sci-fi, Film and Comics influence your art and yourself. Where did you find your moment that you wanted to incorporate that to a full time position doing what you do besides trying to go do a company like DC or Marvel?

AP- yes, I have always loved vintage sci-fi, horror visuals, and 1970's Comics. I've illustrated these subjects since I was young. I was never into simply painting nature scenes, animals etc. if it's a painting of a street corner, Godzilla better be looming above with UFO's attacking! I really wanted to do background paintings as a career for cartoons when I was in high school. the backgrounds in the early Scooby-Doo cartoons were so exciting to see! I never went that route, just so I had the freedom to explore my own visions, and not stuck in certain guidelines.

BD-When working on a piece what do you focus on first and what do you strive for last?

AP- When I approach a new piece, I break it down very quickly in my head as far as view, composition, basic colors etc. it;s a fast process. I get inspired from a photo, sculpture or whatever, and i get an instant picture in my mind. I then find reference photos, sketch the basics, lay the background in, and transfer the image. the rest falls into place. the goal being a strong image that tells multiple stories.

BD- What are some techniques that you’ve tried, heard and have worked/not worked over the years in achieving your style?

AP-what I do is a mixture past techniques, I have tried so many mediums over the years, that I utilize styles, and techniques that work for the particular look I'm trying to achieve. soft skin tones, or rough Zombie skin. I'll study certain artist's, and maybe adapt a look to my style.

8x10 predator 2.jpg

BD- What do you use when it comes to paints, brushes and preferred tools of the trade?

AP- I’m pretty tough on Brushes, so I use inexpensive ones, I'm not really picky about them, because I beat them up pretty quickly. Right now I'm focused on Acrylics, and use soft bodied Liquidtex. I work on Stretched Canvas, and Illustration board. I also use Sharpie, and Micron Pens for my Graphic Sketches on Magazine photos, and toned paper.

BD-Any techniques you have been trying to work on a bit more tattoo wise that fascinate or catch your attention?

AP- I don't really do Tattoo Art these days. I did tons of Flash Sheets, and Pinup Girls over the years. I still use the Solid Graphic techniques I learned in tattooing.

BD- Your approach of a retro and tasteful color blent comes from the backgrounds you lay down. Is there a reason why you went that way or did it just happen?

nosferatu  8x10.jpg

AP- You know, I really love Vintage Pulp Fiction book covers, and Monster movie posters. a lot of the art has this feel, I just adapted it to what I do. using colors that work with a character, or scene to create a mood, and ad movement.

BD- Any Projects that you would love to work on ?

AP- I’d really like to do Retro, Space-girl scenes. rockets, space terrain, and lots of action. Total Pulp Sc-Fi style.

I have a million scenes in my mind, just for these.

BD- You see on Instagram or social media that some people try to do your type of style, you as a person who is well rounded, any advice to those you’ve come across or any artist in general?

AP- there are so many artist out there! it's awesome to see all the styles. for the new artists trying to find there style, I say pull from other artists, but not too much, put your own stamp, and style into your work. no use recreating someone else's ideas, and not telling your own story. Paint what you know.

BD- Where do you plan on taking yourself and your art in the next 5 years?

AP- you know I don't even look ahead like that anymore, I just push forward, and have a blast doing it. I get up and paint pretty ladies, and monsters all day, and night. I always have. I produce so many paintings, simply because I love to see these characters come to life in front of me. to be seen by a wider audience, and out of the shadows a bit more would be great, but I'm enjoying the ride.


BD- Where do you plan on taking yourself and your art in the next 5 years?

AP- I'd like to thank all the great horror/sci-fi artists of the past! too many to mention. Warren, marvel, EC, DC, CARtoons, MAD, etc. Glenn Barr, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Joe Coleman, R. Williams. soo manny.. Artist Friends, and Supporters.

BD- If people want to get ahold of you how do they go about it?

AP- my work can be viewed on Instagram @adampadilla13, or email

BD- Thanks again for being part of our artist of the month and hope to see more of your work soon!

AP- My pleasure! Thank you very much for your support, and taking the time. cheers

8x10 stormtrooper zombie.jpg

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