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Please help us on our GoFundMe fundraiser!

To those who are reading from the page please help us keep the site, Podcasts, Videos and Community Classes Free while bringing the best possible quality to you!

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BrushesofDoom is a company I started for the soul purpose to help others. We offer classes that revolve from everything to to Painting and Sketching to Photography and Videography . Donated time and effots from professionals as well as local artists. We Host a podcast known as the "BODP" (brushesofdoom Podcast) as well as time lapse collaborations, video-casts and blogs to help local and non local artists gain exposure to their craft, meeting other artists to collaborateand learn. We ourselves understand how hard it is to be a starving artist and look at pushing artistic ability out there but not being able to afford professional equipment or services to further your business and talents, and thats where we come in.

BrushesofDoom does non profit work to help artists like yourselves and loved ones have professional photography, video and a few other services to be done to add to your portfolio as well as resume out of a labor of love.

This is where we need your help! We are looking at expanding our network to help more artists by helping give amazing video interviews and podcasts and starting a Forum section to help better suite needs to those with burning questions on technique of application all the way to simple how to's of business and exposure from real live professionals that work with such businesses as: The Dave School (Movie FX, Special Effects) Marvel Comics Disney/Pixar Tattoo Related art Radio Personalities Entrepenuers/Gear Heads

and more! But to do all this we need to invest in better equipment, We have some to get us by but we need to up our game to provide the best for you the viewer/listener and our interns and artists that we help to get familiar with their craft, in such helping other help others.

We need to invest in:

A top notch Full Frame DSLR Microphones and Rig for Video Interviews Two High-end Hard drives for Network Files- Archives -etc DSLR Rig / Gimbal and Accessories to all items listed (XLR Cables, 1/4 inputs, Travel Cases etc...) We could try to purchase most of the equipment ourselves as we have before but to keep the Learning Center, Podcasts, Videos and Photography that help out you guys and gals free, we need your help with donating to our campaign.

We pay for everything from the Data plans for the podcasts, to travel for events, all the way down to the equipment we are using to keep this site/project going out of a labor of love, BUT it does add up and we want to keep it free with also providing the best possible quality out there. As well as travel across the US/Internationallly to interview as well as bring exposure across to all artists and platforms

If you'd like to support local and non local artists - see their work or your work come to life, share all the hard work and build a better portfolio and have a professional resume then please find out more about our project and help us help the arts!

For anymore info on the project or to see some of the work weve done so far please visit us at

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