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BODP- EP#9 Angel Perez - The Puppet Master


(Download Ep. 9 Here for free and Subscribe on iTunes!) Born in Santa Cruz, CA and bred in Hollister. Have stuck with drawing since he was in diapers and all through high school. After a few years hiatus, He took up art again after his 3rd year at community college, where he decided to transfer to the Academy of Art University. After an awesome four-year journey at AAU, he decided to part ways. Now, he draws on all of what he learned in his training to bring creatures to life. Aside from the occasional art show invite and commission, He stated that he also enjoyed drawing letters and designing for Raw Legends, a clothing company out of Gilroy, CA.


Focusing on very light sketches with a 2HB Graphite, White Charcoal and Red Prisma pencils to achieve some of his more noted sketches here on the podcast angel stressed on how the basics are what are most important in these Bust Studies. " I don't have anything in mind really I just start sketching and let whatever is in my head come out, If and when I try to plan it, it never usually goes anywhere or I just don't like it"


Stating he never really liked just sticking to one subject in art he used his imagination to bring out the better part of his sketches rather than looking for a source. Upon asking him where does he think his art is going he remarked, " My art changes all the time, I think it'll be a completely different style in a few years if not a few months. Im inspired by a bunch of different artists and its too much to just pick one thing to do".


Deffintely looking forward to what he has to bring to the table


if youd like to contact angel or download his podcast please click the links below or link above! Contact Links: Contact:

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