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BODP- EP#8 Marcos & Clarissa Alonzo


(Download Ep.8 Free here!) From South County Monterey comes two very talented and driven people that come foreward as our second power couple to be on the BODP. Marcos and Clarissa Alonzo are a power team of Artist and Business, Moving into the scene of photography for two years now they have shown their dedication to photography as well bringing to life the beauty of an area and its people that has less than a favorable reputation.


(MarcosAlonzoPhotography2014) Marcos was a man that fell into the interest of photography from a younger age but pushed forward while working with a school year book program which allowed him to get behind a lens and have to push himself to captivate the surroundings no only through his eyes but the people around him. Clarissa, herself stated that she was always one to have a small camera around taking pictures of her surroundings capturing things that sparked her interest, freezing a moment in time through her eyes.


(MarcosAlonzoPhotograpy2014) In later time, Marcos would be approached to work on a project for pay. Thinking to himself " someones going to pay me to do this ? " it hit him that he should try to persue a more serious route through photography by investing in better equipment as well as time to learning and mastering his craft. Supported by his wife Clarissa, she speaks of how well she loves and admires him for following his dream and path all the while still being able to still work her magic on and off the lens herself. Working on the business side as well with live shoots, it is truly a treat to have seen these two work in the flow they do with eachother.



Personally, watching these two work infront of or behind the lens is a real treat and something to marvel. Finding not only somone who supports your craft but is willing to push you harder on being a better artist is truly a blessing. Clarissa shared that she is more of the business of the two for the reasons, "When I focus on taking care of things that may take away from him being at his best for his art, he does his best." Marcos as well said very clearly, " She isnt my secretary, She is my partner and without her I have accomplished so much and am thankful for her as my biggest support".

Along with Marcos on his shoots he goes out into the country side of Monterey County & Salinas Valley to do Photo Walks where he says anyone is welcome to come and share the experience to learn and grow as a photographer. Using his weapon of choice a Canon 5D Mark III he locks and loads it with a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens for all his photos using a very basic but effective minimalistic set up to set fire to viewer with depth, life and color. They both state that they have no idea where they may be in 5 years but they know and work for it to be where they steadily but readily work for on a daily basis.



Marcos shared with us that at the end of the day, " I am a simple man who loves making photographs and spending time with my wife and children. I am fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects and collaborating with rad people. I make my bed in Greenfield California, but am a complete sucker for long road trips and exploring local terrain with my German Shepherd Bree.....always with camera in hand!" To reach Marcos or Clarissa for: Photography, Prints, Pricing or Photo Walks please reach them at the links below.

INSTAGRAM: @Marcos.Alonzo - @ClarissavAlonzo Twitter: Shortyalonzo


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