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BODP- EP#7 Eric Gutierrez - Cinematography from thought to Lens.


A very young and talented man from the Salinas Valley are whos love for story telling became a passion of sharing his tales through a looking glass. Upon having a sit down with Eric he was very professional and foreward to say the least with his thoughts and ideas about film and gear, but as the conversation pulled onward you could tell that he had a drive that I can relate to when it came to his passion for cinematography. With a fire in his voice you could hear everything he wanted to talk about for the extended period of time about just one specific subject relating to movies, fimling, art etc...

It was great to observe someone who was so invested into what they love that they eventually would share not only a bit about what youd like to know but a point you probably should know. Further on Eric described his life and upbrining with how he started to get into film and the far from interested start career wise in school "Not the best student but a very hard worker" as he described himself. A great thing to touch base on when it came to seeing that some of those out there with a passion for what they do wasnt a life long goal but mearly a dormant volcano waiting to errupt onto the circut. Eric is not only a film enthusiast but a art and bit of a gear head as well. Basing the statement that all good froms of art come from other artists, Eric encourages that in order to understand on how to tell a story through a visual medium you must under stand just that. Visual mediums. With many projects and visions underway he is surely one of the next greats to keep an eye out for and learn from.

Eric stated,

"I live for the candid moments. The smile between two friends that needs no elaboration because only they know the context; the first embrace after a long separation, the last few moments of an interview when the subject, relieved, feels genuinely free to express themselves. Candid moments are what make up our daily life, and if I can capture those moments through my lens I will have done what I set out to do in this field.

If I can make a living doing what I love, I can call myself successful, and with every client I work with, I learn something new to help achieve that dream."

To reach Eric for questions or employment please click the links below Business phone: 1.916.214.6634 Email:

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