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Rc Kelly - Jill W - The Power Team of Aladeen

This past week I was very fortunate to sit with two amazingly awesome artists - tattooers and in genral people.


(DOWNLOAD EP. 6 FOR FREE) Upon arriving at room that housed the madness of these two It was instantly welcoming and simple. Artsy as well as nerdy with a hint of "aladeen" so to speak.

Rc Kelly is a 30 year young artist who has been tattooing for 9.5 years currently resides in San Luis Obispo at Sink or Swim Tattoo for the last 3 years.


Specializing in traditional, neotraditional and realistic tattoo styles RC is a proud but humble artist that pushes a piece of him self into every one of his tattoos. Endorsed by Eddy Munster tattoo machines as well as a few other small underdog families he love to show a bit of his new school with the tricks of old.


He started painting in 2004 which drove him more into what he wanted to do with his tattoo career but was no stranger to art, drawing and sketching since he was a child.


He added " I have owned 3 ferrets and I'm an Aquarius. You can usually find me on the streets hustling people on the courts for money and fame."

Jillian Wefald is a young woman with age in experience and humble talent. Currently a tattoo artist working out of San Luis Obispo, California, she grew up on the central coast always remembing having a devotion to her art. She stated, "Tattooing has enabled me to try my hardest to help people around me get the tattoo work that they desire and deserve. I eventually hope to participate in conventions, meet my idols and peers in the art world, and have my art be seen by people who appreciate it for what it is, who I am and the driving force of my happiness."


Granted she seems like a small young lady but dont mistake that for anything less than a heavy hitting - pack-a-punch style and talent. A trained artist in nature, Jill has used her amazing sketching/ painting skills to bring her artwork and tattoos to life.


" I have always wanted to leave my mark in the world- tattooing has made that a literal reality. I hope it opens up many doors for me in the future. " In my personal oppinion looking at both of these two not only show how well two very dynamic styles can work with each other to the point it only can set a bar higher for themselves as well as others. You can find any of their equipment and information on their Socail sites as well as thorugh email to book an appointment or just ask any questions. You will not be Dissapointed

Rc Kelly

Sink or swim tattoo

Grover beach ca 93405 Instagram: RcKelly Jill W Instagram: Jillian_wefalled

Eddy Munster machines or

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