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BODP - EP#2 Melina Espinoza the Mini madhouse of Talent


(BODP- ep#2 Click link for free download) Melina Espinoza is a fine arts student from Gonzales, California. A young woman who’s love for art ranges from drawing portraits & painting to cosmetics and crafts. Expanding her horizons when it comes to experimenting with as many different creative outlets as possible she brings a "why be good at one thing when I can be great at many" attitude in the best form of modesty that can be lost on some.

image 2_edited.jpeg

Explaining her love and curiosity for art Melina was captivated by other women artists in the area as well as media. Encouraging the growth and respect of talented women in the Artistic/Tattoo community she finds a balance that helps her share her love of Fine art with a tattoo point of view style, consistently trying to improve.

she is available for commissions, prints, questions and more..

To reach her or simply check out her artwork please Click links below.


Instagram: @missmmart GradCaps IG: @gradcaps •Contact info:

image 4.jpeg

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